Airport Tycoon is an airport building simulation game developed by Fat Whale Games on the Roblox platform. Players can build the most extensive and most impressive airport possible to make money. Players can also buy airplanes and yachts to explore nearby islands. Purchase various upgrades like docks, boardwalks, and Ferris Wheels to bring in some extra money. Building an airport isn’t cheap, though, so you might want to use some of our Airport Tycoon codes to get free in-game cash. 

Using codes for free cash is a great way to earn free money to extend your airport with upgrades and necessities. The bigger your airport is and the more utilities and amenities you have, the more money you can make, which will help you buy yachts and airplanes. You can redeem all of the codes below for over one million in-game dollars.

Airport Tycoon codes

  • CASHPASS: 222,200 Cash.
  • WHALETUBE: 100,000 Cash.
  • BLIMP: 200,000 Cash.
  • 200MIL: 200,000 Cash.
  • BLOXYCOLA: 100,000 Cash.
  • CHIP: 10,000 Cash.
  • CLIFFHANGER: 100,000 Cash.
  • FIREBALL: 30,000 Cash.
  • FREEMOOLAH: 40,000 Cash.
  • INSTA: 50,000 Cash.
  • MEGAWHALE: 40,000 Cash.
  • OSCAR: 123,456 Cash.
  • ROCKET: 50,000 Cash.

All of the codes above are working and active. We will do our best to add new codes the second they release, so please bookmark our page and check back daily for new updates. All codes are for free in-game cash, which you can use to buy various things to make your airport better and more appealing.

How to Redeem codes in Airport Tycoon

To redeem codes in Airport Tycoon, you can follow these steps:

  1. Launch Airport Tycoon.
  2. Find the blue Twitter icon on the left side of the screen.
  3. Enter a code and tap on Redeem.
How to Redeem codes in Airport Tycoon

Airport Tycoon is totally revamped as of April 27, 2021. The new update includes:

  • Much bigger and revamped airport.
  • All-new Boardwalk and Ferris Wheel.
  • Revamped Tokyo, Pirate Island, and Air Force Base.
  • Two new aircraft: Blimp (largest) and Biplane (aerobatic).
  • Many performance improvements.