Age of Wonders: Planetfall – Operations Guide

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Operations are special actions that can be used to alter the balance of a game. Most operations are unlocked through research and are dependent on the selected faction and secret tech. Operations require the expenditure of Energy and operation points, and sometimes additional resources such as Influence.

Operations targeting enemies have a chance of success and failure based on the attacker’s Operational Effectiveness and the target’s Operation Defense. Operational Effectiveness and Operation Defense can be upgraded globally by researching empire upgrades and enacting Doctrines. Operational Defense can also be buffed through local, per colony effects.

Operations first have to be primed using Strategic Ops points and Energy. After priming the operation can be launched at any target within vision range. Multiple strategic operations can be primed at once but only one of each type. Priming can be paused and resumed at a later point.

Strategic Operations

Strategic operations are used on the strategic map. The types of available Strategic Operations depend on which race and secret tech you picked.

Covert Operations

Covert operations are used on the strategic map. Covert ops have a 60% base chance of success. Each Point difference between the attacker’s Operational Strength and the defenders Operational Defense will add or subtract 5%. There caps on 10% and 90% success rate.

Covert operations can be detected and grant the targeted commander a casus belli. Successful covert operations have a 25% chance of being detected while unsuccessful ones have a 75% chance of being detected.

Tactical Operations

Tactical operations are used during combat and use Tactical Ops points instead of strategic ones. All tactical operations are primed in one turn although certain factions can remove this delay.


Doctrines are operations that globally affect all owned colonies or units and are limited by the number of Doctrine Slots. Once primed a doctrine remains active until it’s turned off manually.

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