Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition – How to Play Campaign in Multiplayer

This quick guide will help you start any single player campaign in multiplayer game with other players.

Exporting Scenarios

1. In order to export scenarios from campaing you need to go to this location:


This is what you should see:

2. Select all files that have .aoe2campaign extension and copy them into this location:

C:Users<username>GamesAge of Empires 2 DE<your steam id>resources_commoncampaign

If you cant find this location you can also go into in game editor section and click open scenario folder

Note: this will open your scenario folder when you have to go into campaign folder, move one folder up and you should see campaign folder.

3. Once you copied all campaign files there it should appear ingame campaing editor:

4. Click choosen one and popup will appear:

5. Click Yes and Scenarios will be exported:


And that’s it, now you have campaing as separate scenario files. You can play them in multiplayer by choosing scenario map, you can also edit them like any other scenario.

Additional Notes

I haven’t tested too much but there is some things I can tell:

Those scenarios were made for single player and for that reason any player will hear the dialogues.

All players will have same Objectives, Hints, and Scouts info.

Note: Objectives still work only for player 1 as it should but you can see them in info tab.

Note: Only player 1 will see new live objectives tracker.

  • While you can mix human player and bots in a game don’t put a AI as the player 1 (the one that was supposed to be human player) most of the triggers affect player 1 and often you have specific things to do that bot won’t do and will freak out. You can put AI on any other player than 1.
  • Don’t set any alliances at game start, all aliances are set automaticly by triggers.
  • Also you obviously shouldn’t change civilizations.
  • Run scenario in editor before to see what players have. In some scenarios Some players have just few soldiers that should rush and die or just single building that cant even create units so there is absolutely no reason to put human player on something like that.

The best scenarios for playing are those where you were supposed as player 1 to protect allied player that so you can play in coop and protect each other.

Now when you can also edit those scenarios maybe someone will add objectives for every single player and put on workshop. Have fun.

Campaings List

The Age of Kings

  • cam0 – The Art of War
  • cam1 – William Wallace
  • cam2 – Joan of Arc
  • cam3 – Saladin
  • cam4 – Genghis Khan
  • cam5 – Barbarossa

The Conquerors

  • xcam1 – Attila the Hun
  • xcam2 – El Cid
  • xcam3 – Montezuma
  • xcam4 – Tariq

The Forgotten

  • fcam1 – Alaric
  • fcam2 – Vlad Dracula
  • fcam3 – Bari
  • fcam4 – Sforza
  • fcam5 – Pachacuti
  • fcam6 – Prithviraj
  • fcam7 – Historical Battles

African Kingdoms

  • acam1 – Tariq ibn Ziyad
  • acam2 – Sundjata
  • acam3 – Francisco de Almeida
  • acam4 – Yodit

Rise of the Rajas

  • rcam1 – Gajah Mada
  • rcam2 – Suryavarman I
  • rcam3 – Bayinnaung
  • rcam4 – Le Loi

The Last Khans

  • kcam1 – Tamerlane
  • kcam2 – Ivaylo
  • kcam3 – Kotyan Khan


As a bonus i can tell that in The Art of War campaing (sun tzu challenges) there is 4 scenarios that dont exist in offical campaing! I highly recommend playing those.

Note: 1-5 are the ones that exist normally.

6-9 probably were abadonned (yes sound doesnt work there):

  • Challenge 6 – Fighting/ Units Guide
  • Challenge 7 – Formations/ Microing Guide
  • Challenge 8 – Navy Guide
  • Challenge 9 – Siege Guide

Special Special – salmon spinning tree 11

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