AC Valhalla Vinland Mysteries – Tionontateken Standing Stones

Vinland Mysteries in AC Valhalla include, among other things, the Tionontateken Standing Stones. They work pretty much exactly like all the others do. You have to find the correct vantage point that lets you see the entirety of the symbol left by Brendan of Clonfert. That is, once you figure out where the standing stones are in the first place. As it turns out, this puzzle is actually one of the more complicated ones. With all that said, here’s our AC Valhalla Vinland Mysteries – Tionontateken Standing Stones guide to help you out.

ac valhalla vinland mysteries tionontateken standing stones
AC Valhalla Vinland Mysteries – Tionontateken Standing Stones

How to Solve Tionontateken Standing Stones – Vinland Mysteries in AC Valhalla

To solve the Tionontateken Standing Stones puzzle, one of the AC Valhalla Vinland Mysteries, you first have to push the two large stones at ground level. They are between the actual standing stones, and you’ll recognize them by the wooden constructions around them. They really stick out. Still, if you’re having trouble with it, you can see where they are in the images below. Push both rocks completely out of the way. With that done, clamber up the tallest stone in the circle, and turn to the north. There’s the symbol. Adjust it so that it glows, and boom, you’re done.

In case you’re wondering where the Tionontateken Standing Stones are, we can help with that, too. Essentially, they’re in the center of Vinland. You can use the Teiotenontatase:ke fast travel point. And yes, I’m hoping against hope that I’m spelling these names even close to correctly. Anyways, from that fast travel point, head to the northwest, and that’s how you get to this particular one of the Vinland Mysteries in AC Valhalla. If you want a reference point that’s a little less of a mouthful, you can start at Hvallgrof Outpost and head to the northeast. Or, you know what, just take a look at the images below.

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