AC Valhalla Dandelion Puff – Fox Pet Oxfordshire Mystery World Quest

AC Valhalla fox pet, called Dandelion Puff, is a part of one of the Oxfordshire Mystery world quest. You have to complete the Mystery to get Dandelion Puff to follow you, but that doesn’t mean that it becomes your pet right off the bat. You kinda have to be careful with what you’re doing for the fox pet to not bug out. With all that said, to show you how to get Dandelion Puff, here’s our AC Valhalla Dandelion Puff – Fox Pet Oxfordshire Mystery World Quest guide.

ac valhalla dandelion puff fox pet oxfordshire mystery world quest
AC Valhalla Dandelion Puff – Fox Pet Oxfordshire Mystery World Quest

AC Valhalla Fox Pet

To get the fox pet in AC Valhalla, aka Dandelion Puff, you have to complete the appropriate Mystery world quest in Oxfordshire. More about where to find that below. Anyways, the Woman in Distress, will tell you that her dog, Dandelion Puff, is stuck in her burning house. She begs you to rescue her precious pet. To do that, go to the right side of the house and destroy the reed barrier over the door. It’s still blocked by some shelves, but ignore that for now. Next, head to the back of the house, destroy another reed barrier, and hop inside through the hole in the wall.

Once inside, move the barrier on the left away from the door. Break the reed wall that was next to the barrier, then break another wall on the right. If you’re using Odin’s Vision, you’ll know that’s where the dog is. Except, when you release Dandelion Puff, you’ll see that it’s, spoiler alert, a fox. Let it follow you outside, and take it to her mistress. She sadly expires, and asks you to find a good home for Dandelion. You’ll notice it doing figure eights around your legs.

So, to get your AC Valhalla fox pet, walk away from the fire for a little bit, making sure Dandelion Puff is following. At one point, Eivor will ask whether the fox wants to join their new settlement. Dandelion will bark appreciatively, and dart straight for your village. Don’t worry, it’ll be fine. From then on, you can see your new friend running around Ravensthorpe.

Where to Find Dandelion Puff Fox Pet Oxfordshire Mystery World Quest in AC Valhalla?

To find Dandelion Puff Oxfordshire Mystery world quest and get your AC Valhalla fox pet, you need to look just north of the center of Oxfordshire. Specifically, it’s just north of the Great Ouse River, smack in the middle between Linforda and Buckingham. If you need a fast travel point for orientation, go to Thaerelea Ruins, and head south from there. You’re looking for a small farmstead that’s on fire. It’s really not difficult to spot, all things considered. If you need visual assistance, that’s fine too. Check out the screenshots below to see the exact location you need to visit.

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