6 Seasons and a Game Lets Players Visit Virtual Greendale

Fans of the popular 2009-2015 tv show Community rejoice. As of January 9th, 2021 PC gamers can visit the beloved Greendale Community College thanks to a fan made game called 6 Seasons and a Game. This game is free to download on Steam and features both multiplayer and singleplayer experiences.

Visit Greendale in 6 Seasons and a Game

Image showing the hidden trampoline in 6 Seasons and a Game.

The fan made game created by The Human Beings and Moto Studios lets players take part in the community college’s annual paintball event. This event pits players controlling popular characters from the show against one another in a first person battle set on the campus of Greendale. You wield the base pistol seen in the show and can grab the machine gun wielded by Chang next to the Luis Guzmán statue.

If battling other players is not your style you can jump into a free roam game mode that allows you to walk through the halls of the college. Each corner of the school is full of references to the popular show including the hidden trampoline (yes, you can bounce on it), all the different character’s classrooms, and other hidden references to search out. There are seriously a ton of references to find so keep your eyes open.

For a fan made experience there is a surprising amount of love put into the title. While I had no interest in playing the multiplayer, diving into the free roam was a blast. Running around the campus to find different references from the seasons was a fun experience. If you are a fan of the show definitely give this title a shot. It’s free and full of obvious love for the source material.

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