Image via 100 Thieves

100 Thieves are making huge changes to their roster to help solidify a place to represent North America in the fall. With the acquisition of Abbedagge from Schalke 04, 100T aims to solve the entirety of its midlane problem with the European import. This move was only possible by Ssumday’s status transitioning from an import to a resident. In conjunction with the coaching revamp of Reapered, 100T is starting to make the Big 3 of Cloud9, Team Liquid, and TSM very worried.

Image via Twitter

The path to residency for North America in the past was continued participation in the region’s LoL scene for 8 of the past 12 splits. This has been amended in August of 2016 to only allow residency for imported players once they have obtained their green card. Ssumday was not one of the players grandfathered in like Bjergsen, but from this announcement, one can surmise that Ssumday has indeed applied for and received his green card.

Image via Twitter

Abbedagge is a tried LEC veteran since his debut on Schalke 04 in 2018. Although he has never seen the pinnacle of success throughout his career, Abbedagge has demonstrated a consistency that is seldom seen in world-class midlaners. With his trade to 100T, the Damonte vs Ryoma question can now be answered with a simple word – Abbedagge.

With these significant changes, coach Reapered will have a decent roster to work with in the upcoming 2021 LCS Summer Split. Keep your eyes peeled – 100 Thieves are going to be scary.