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100 Thieves closed out their match against Dignitas in a stressful 37 minutes today at Week 7 of LCS 2020 Spring. The match had several turnarounds, the first of which was a classic Baron throw by Dignitas. It was a lose-lose fight for Baron, and Akaadian ended up going in for a failed Baron kill which wiped their team.

In the end, DIG got caught out by 100 Thieves which was their demise. Here are the stats for the 100 Thieves vs. Dignitas LCS 2020 Spring Week 7 matchup.

Dignitas vs. 100 Thieves LCS 2020 Spring Week 7 Results

DIG 15-12-29 vs 12-15-29 100T
Huni aatrox 2-3-7 TOP 3-3-5 renekton Ssumday
Akaadian lee sin 7-2-3 JNG 3-1-7 trundle Meteos
Froggen zoe 3-3-7 MID 2-4-3 syndra Ryoma
Johnsun aphelios 2-2-6 BOT 3-2-7 miss fortune Cody Sun
aphromoo tahmkench 1-2-6 SUP 1-5-7 nautilus Stunt

League of Legends 2020 LCS Spring Week 7 Standings

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